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Why hire an in-your-home petsitter?
For your companion, it could mean the difference between having a stress-free experience while you go on vacation, or going into a high anxiety situation, or the possibility of getting sick. Pets that can stay home are generally happier being in their own surroundings, with a routine that is as close to what they're used to as possible. 

For some homes, the pets are simply exotic enough, or "scary" enough, that its impossible to board them. Vacations are delayed, cancelled, or simply dreamed about without ever being able to go. In-your-home pet sitting can be your solution. I can help to provide that.

I am not limited to specific breeds or species! I love bullies!

The only limitations are dangerous behavior and monkeys. Sorry. I am not equipped for monks.
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    Multi-Species Services
    I am experienced in the care of many species of animals. Avian, rodent, canine, feline, hoof stock, reptiles, amphibians and fish. The best way to find out if your companion fits my area of care, simply go to the contact page and send a request.
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    Personalized Care
    Whether your samoyed prefers cuddling (like Tika with me in the photo above), your ferret needs his "magic carpet" ride (pulled around on a sheet), or your cockatoo needs some good old rock & roll, each animal has behaviors unique to them. Tell me what your companion likes best, and maybe we can even find something new.
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    Small Hobby Farms
    I can take care of small, personal farm stock. From feeding chickens to grooming the horse. Muck a stall? I can do that. Clean hooves? Yep. We'll make a list and get it done.
Walking Sprocket and Stitch is a great way to let off some energy. And this isn't just for the dogs. Pet pigs and other companions benefit from daily and weekly romps, as well.

Feeding is a regular part of the base packages. Each species requires something different. Chances are, because they're able to stay home for their care, the eating routine will not be so greatly impacted..

Hotels, RVs & Cabins

For The Vacationer to Our Beautiful Beaches

      The number of families today that include their pets in the dynamic of the vacation experience keeps growing as their spot strengthens on the home front. Vacation rentals are responding. Many are pet friendly today. But you can't always take your pet with you while you visit many of the attractions, and some of the vacation rentals don't allow the pets to be left alone in the room. 

Never Alone Pet Services can help with that as an alternative to kenneling as an already added stress to vacationing. Many hotels and motels don't allow pets to be left alone in the rooms, even though they are pet friendly.

When all you need is a couple of hours, at the most, your pet can stay in the comfort of the surroundings and smells of it's family's camper or hotel room while you take in the local interests. 

Call now for a con​sultation/reservation and we'll see what we can do.

I care about your pets like they are one of my own