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  Never Alone Pet Services is owned and operated by myself, Veronica Jennings, I have made my home in Coconut Creek, FL on New Years Eve, 2017.  Never Alone does not hire employees, and you will personally meet me, your pet sitter, prior to your service.

  I have rescued and pampered a variety of different pets and species my entire life, including cats, ferrets, birds, tortoises, dogs, iguanas, and much, much  more.  I currently own pet rats, and a community fish tank.

  For the past several years I have ran my own exotic animal rescue ( Exotic Animal Rescue of Sevier Co. ) on a small scale. This is continued from, and extended from, volunteering for the Henry Co. Humane Soc. in mid TN for 7 yrs. for a total of 13 yrs. of continuous rescue work.  I also took in injured and orphaned wildlife and providing educational youth programs as well as a Tennessee venomous snake identification program for the TWRA. 

  I am an avid reader of many pet journals, books, web sites and messages boards. I also wrote for the Paris Post Intelligencer, a weekly 200 word article on pet care tips for 2 1/2 years. I became a constant on many reptile forums teaching proper husbandry for many species of reptile, including, but not limited to, iguanas, chameleons, crested geckos, snakes, turtles and tortoises.

  To be honest, pet sitting was not my dream job. It is not what I aspired to be when I grew up. I wanted something exotic in the animal field. A zoologist in the large cat field, possibly. A herpetologist? So many choices. But now I am grown up. My goal a little more realistic. Pet sitting presented itself and all I had to do was follow the doors that kept opening. So here I am. Never Alone Pet Services was born. I have been met with an amazing response and receptiveness to this need for a professional sitter.

Thank you Sevier County for the amazing hope-shot!

​Now I adventure into Florida for the next chapter!

Complete Pet Service

Here are many of the ammenities that make Never Alone Pet Services a cut above the rest:

About Your Pet Sitter

Animals are my passion
Animals are my world

  • Ramp - perfect for the aging or injured pet, whether dog or pig. The ramp is securely held in place with a clip and nylon strap and the surface is covered with a non-slip coating.
  • Water-Proof Seat cover (top left) - For the large dogs that ride well in the back seat when the cargo area is full or already occupied.
  • Harness & Safety Belt Clips (top left) - Bunny is modelling these items. I have most sizes of harness and the belt attachments come right through the water-proof seat cover. This will help make sure your companion stays safe and secure when a crate is not an option.

  • Cargo Barrier ( center left) - Adds another element of safety and security. We cannot emphasize safety enough! I want everyone to be safe!
  • Front Seat Rider (bottom left) - Again, Bunny showing us this accessory. This is for the small, front seat rider that enjoys those rides that allow for looking out the window. The harness works well with the belt clip attachment in the car-seat itself.
  • Left - Hard-sided crates for small and medium-sized pets. The beds fit in the wire crates shown farther down.
  • Top Right - I don't smoke, and I do not use the phone while driving (I do, however, use bluetooth). These are on both sides of my SUV.
  • Center Right - Leashes & Harnesses galore!
  • Bottom Right - Wire Crates/soft-sided crates of many sizes.
  • Cold Pack matts for hot days in the cargo area
  • Crate Bowls
  • Not Shown - Pooper scoooper and poop scoop bags