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A wide range of animal services

Sometimes you need someone to care as much as you 

These can all be stand alone services, or mix and match to combine a completely customized package to fit the special requirements you and your pets would benefit from the most.

**All service packages include a .30 per mile fee. Mileage is calculated using Google Maps                from the
Regency Lakes Community Center in Coconut Creek only a .02m from my home.
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  1. Initial Consultation 30-90 mins - FREE
    This is our "Meet and Greet" opportunity so that you can get to know your care provider and go over in more detail what you require for services rendered. CONTRACTS - These are a must and are set in place for your protection and mine. Paperwork gets filled out prior to ANY services rendered. After the initial contract and information gathering for me and for you, a SIGNED SERVICE REQUEST FORM is needed prior to each service visit.
  2. Live-In Stays $110/24 hrs
    HOLIDAYS/WEEKENDS- $120 This is a perfect service for the special needs pet, the very young, or very old. This is a round the clock stay until you come home. There will be a few hours that will be taken to tend to other animals, including coming home to take care of my own, but in short time frames. This also reduces the possibility of home theft since someone is actually staying there.
  3. Hourly Care - $45 Minimum 60-70 mins
    This is simply as it states. This is especially accommodating for vacationers that want to go to dinner or a show. Hotels, RVs, campers and even tent/campgrounds welcome the petsitter that can keep a barking dog quiet.
  4. Overnight Stays $75 Minimum 10 hrs
    HOLIDAYS/WEEKENDS- $85 Starting from 9:30p to 7:30a, I will stay with the anxious dog who gets nervous at night when your away on vacation. I will even sleep with them if allowed. Lots of quality love and affection is given here. MANY tasks can be fit into this package.
  5. Extended Visit - $35Minimum 40-45 mins
    Best for long walks, multiple pet homes and pets with special diets or special needs. This time frame also works well with horses and hobby farms, watering lawns and poop-scooping.
  6. Regular Visit - $25Minimum 25-30 mins
    With many multiple pet homes, this package works well for supervised feedings, short walks or out of cage playtime on request.
  7. Value Visit - $20Minimum 15-20 mins
    Short can be used as a quick turnout and potty break and litter box cleaning. Perfect for the pet that requires a midday medication, too. Having a pet service relieves the stress of rushing home at lunch trying to fit in one more thing.
  8. Drop-In - $11 Minimum 3-5 minutes
    Drop-ins are used for quick tasks such as turning on/off lights, turning blinds, taking in mail/newspaper, security check. No feedings take place with this package, but its great for making it look like someone is still home when used in the morning and evening, even when you take your pets with you.
  9. Pet Taxi Service $17 First 5 mi.
    After the first 5 miles the cost is .30 per mile. The starting point of travel is from the main address. Google maps is used to calculate the distance. This is an option with a variety of applications for complicated schedules. It can be a stand-alone service to, or from, any location.
  10. Pet Supply Runs $17 First 5 mi.
    After the first 5 miles the cost is .30 a mile. The starting point of travel is from the main entrance of Regency Lakes Subdivision . Google maps is used to calculate the distance. Whether you need pet or hobby livestock food, this could be a great service. You can order your food, blankets, hay (or whatever), pay for it over the phone or online, and I will pick it up and bring it to you.
  11. House Cleaning $15 Hourly
    4 HOUR MINIMUM. Sometimes a little extra help in picking up around the house is welcomed. Whether your home, or when you take your pets with you, Never Alone Pet Services can come in to clean your house.
  12. Scheduling
    Please schedule adequate time to provide the services requested. If your pet or home needs more time than scheduled, it will be added as needed and billed to you. Yard pickup, watering and other average tasks are included in base price.
  13. Discounts
    LOCALS!! 10% off your first service. New customers only. $5 credit for every referral! Every referral that books a paid service through Never Alone Pet Services earns $5 credit to their account.
  14. Poop Scooping - $25 Minimum 30 mins
    Dog and cat feces carry many diseases and parasites that can be passed to people. Some can be deadly depending upon the immune system of the human. NAPS provides this service for the sole purpose of cleaning your yard of dog feces or your cat's litter box(es) so you don't have to.
  15. What I Don't Do:
    *Speak any foreign languages *Groom beyond a simple bath *Salt Water tanks *Dog Training *Put any animal in dangerous or precarious situations, even if the pet parent says they do (i.e. - mixing species that normally don't mix). *Monkeys
Payment Agreement 
& Policies
​Effective 03/12/2017

  • A signed Service Request must be provided to your sitter before service is provided for any period.
  • Deposit in full is due at time of reservation.
  •  Reservations are not held until payment in full is received by NeverAlonePetServices or special arrangements are agreed upon by both parties in writing.  
  • A $2 per visit charge will be assessed to service that is not paid in advance.  
  • Reservations for not yet cleared PayPal payments will be honored.
  • There will be a $20 service charge for each returned check.  
  • Unpaid service may be cancelled without notice, including prior to or during the service period.

  • % applies to entire service period total
  • 0 - 48 hours prior to any service, and/or Holidays: Payment in full is charged (no refunds)   
  • 2 - 7 days prior to service:  20% of service total is due (equals an 80% refund)
  • 8 days prior to service or more:  No charge, refund in full.
  • Reservations are made to plan sitter availability to clients.  Therefore, clients returning home early will be required to pay for the reserved amount of time scheduled including travel time.  Clients will not have to pay for scheduled Special Services not performed.
A 2.75% fee is added at time of swipe for PayPal and Square transactions. We do not accept chip cards at this time.

No electronic transactions are made directly through this website at this time. They are all directed to an outside source - Square and PayPal specifically. This keeps your information safe and secure.